Crysau-t Cymraeg Hogyn glas/Boys Welsh T-shirts in blue 1-3years




Crysau-t Cymraeg Hogyn glas/Boys Welsh T-shirts in blue 1-2 years and 2-3 years

Baby Short Sleeve T-shirt in Blue

If you would like to change the font please contact us when ordering (If not stated when ordering the font will be the same as the photos shown)

100% Cotton

Please choose which writing you would like in our drop down menu

The options are:

A. Cymro bach (Welsh for Little Welsh boy )

B. Brawd bach (Welsh for Little brother )

C. Hogyn Nain (Welsh for Grandma’s Boy )

D. Hogyn Mam (Welsh for Mum’s Boy )

E. Hogyn Taid (Welsh for Grandpa’s Boy)

F. Hogyn Dad (Welsh for Dad’s Boy )

G. Y Bos (Welsh for The boss)

H. Trwbwl bach (Welsh for Little trouble )

I. Brenin bach (Welsh for Little King )

J. Swnyn (Welsh for whining boy )

K. Ffarmwr bach (Welsh for Little Farmer )


Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 2 cm
Writing on the t-shirt

A. Cymro bach, B. Brawd bach, C. Hogyn Nain, D. Hogyn Mam, E. Hogyn Taid, F. Hogyn Dad, G. Y Bos, H. Trwbwl bach, I. Brenin bach, J. Swnyn, K. Ffarmwr bach


1-2 Years, 2-3 Years